“Automatic Layout Generation for Graphical Design Magazines” by Tabata and Maeda

  • ©Sou Tabata and Haruka Maeda

  • ©Sou Tabata and Haruka Maeda



Entry Number: 09


    Automatic Layout Generation for Graphical Design Magazines



    We propose a system that automatically generates layouts for magazines that require graphical design. In this system, when images or texts are input as the content to be placed in layouts, an appropriate layout is automatically generated in consideration of content and design. The layout generation process is performed by randomized processing in accordance with a rule set of minimum conditions that must be satisfied for layouts (minimum condition rule set), where a large number of candidates are generated. The appearance, style, design, and composition of the work are evaluated by a learning-to-rank estimator, top scores are returned to the user. Users can greatly improve the efficiency of layout creation/editing by selecting from among automatically generated candidate layouts.


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