“Aspect-Ratio Based Triangular Mesh Smoothing” by Huang and Xu

  • ©Xuan Huang and Dianna Xu

  • ©Xuan Huang and Dianna Xu

  • ©Xuan Huang and Dianna Xu



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    Aspect-Ratio Based Triangular Mesh Smoothing



    Mesh quality improvement is an important problem with a wide range of practical applications. The element quality of a mesh heavily affects the results of numerical simulation done using that mesh. In the context of finite element mesh smoothing, vertex repositioning is the primary technique employed, where we allow tangential vertex motion only and the connectivity of the mesh is unchanged. Element quality is measured either by max/min angles or aspect ratio (longest edge over shortest), or both. We investigate a smoothing method focusing on improving aspect ratio. For triangle meshes this is in theory not significantly different from angle-based smoothing methods which have been widely studied. However many focus on improving minimum angles only and we believe that aspect ratio will lead to a more balanced improvement on both the minimum and maximum angles. In addition, we are also motivated by aspect ratio improvments for quadrilateral meshes, which are unrelated to angles.


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