“Antialiasing Complex Global Illumination Effects in Path-Space”

  • ©Laurent Belcour, Ling-Qi Yan, Ravi Ramamoorthi, and Derek Nowrouzezahrai




    Antialiasing Complex Global Illumination Effects in Path-Space

Session/Category Title:   Rendering in Path Space




    We present the first method to efficiently predict antialiasing footprints to pre-filter color-, normal-, and displacement-mapped appearance in the context of multi-bounce global illumination. We derive Fourier spectra for radiance and importance functions that allow us to compute spatial-angular filtering footprints at path vertices for both uni- and bi-directional path construction. We then use these footprints to antialias reflectance modulated by high-resolution maps (such as color and normal maps) encountered along a path. In doing so, we also unify the traditional path-space formulation of light transport with our frequency-space interpretation of global illumination pre-filtering. Our method is fully compatible with all existing single bounce pre-filtering appearance models, not restricted by path length, and easy to implement atop existing path-space renderers. We illustrate its effectiveness on several radiometrically complex scenarios where previous approaches either completely fail or require orders of magnitude more time to arrive at similarly high-quality results.


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