“Antialiased ray tracing by adaptive progressive refinement” by Painter and Sloan

  • ©James S. Painter and Kenneth Sloan




    Antialiased ray tracing by adaptive progressive refinement



    We describe an antialiasing system for ray tracing based on adaptive progressive refinement. The goals of the system are to produce high quality antialiased images at a modest average sample rate, and to refine the image progressively so that the image is available in a usable form early and is refined gradually toward the final result.The method proceeds by adaptive stochastic sampling of the image plane, evaluation of the samples by ray tracing, and image reconstruction from the samples. Adaptive control of the sample generation process is driven by three basic goals: coverage of the image, location of features, and confidence in the values at a distinguished “pixel level” of resolution.A three-stage process of interpolation, filtering, and resampling is used to reconstruct a regular grid of display pixels. This reconstruction can be either batch or incremental.


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