“An Integrated 2D and 3D Pipeline for Independent Filmmakers”

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    An Integrated 2D and 3D Pipeline for Independent Filmmakers



    In recent years major film studios such as DreamWorks have taken innovative steps in the hybridization of 2D and 3D production techniques for character animation, creating such memorable animated feature films as “Spirit” and “Spirited Away.” However, those techniques cannot be easily used by independent filmmakers, who have limited resources, lower budgets, and no access to proprietary tools. The author faced the same difficulties when trying to single-handedly create “Shanghai Beauty,” a 2D/3D hybrid animated short film. Through extensive research and trial and error, using widely available tools such as Maya, After Effects, and Photoshop, the author has successfully developed an integrated 2D and 3D production pipeline suitable for independent filmmakers. This sketch will introduce the production pipeline and techniques used in “Shanghai Beauty.”

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