“An Application Overview of Program Visualization” Moderated by Ronald Bacckcr

  • ©Marc H. Brown, Ralph L. London, and Aaron Marcus



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    An Application Overview of Program Visualization



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    Program visualization is the use of the technology of interactive computer graphics and the crafts of graphic design, typography, animation and cinematography to enhance the presentation and understanding of computer programs. Program visualization is related to but distinct from the discipline of visual programming, which is the use of various two-dimensional or diagrammatic notations in the programming process.
    The panel attempts to present a broad overview of program visualization as an emerging and significant application of computer graphics. Topics include: an introduction to program visualization; the role of graphic design; the enhanced presentation of program source text; the effective use of diagrams; the animation of program execution; interacting with the program as an animated object; the design of systems to produce visualizations automatically from minimally changed program source; applications of program visualization; and open problems and research frontiers.

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