“All-frequency shadows using non-linear wavelet lighting approximation” by Ng, Ramamoorthi and Hanrahan

  • ©Ren Ng, Ravi Ramamoorthi, and Patrick (Pat) Hanrahan




    All-frequency shadows using non-linear wavelet lighting approximation



    We present a method, based on pre-computed light transport, for real-time rendering of objects under all-frequency, time-varying illumination represented as a high-resolution environment map. Current techniques are limited to small area lights, with sharp shadows, or large low-frequency lights, with very soft shadows. Our main contribution is to approximate the environment map in a wavelet basis, keeping only the largest terms (this is known as a non-linear approximation). We obtain further compression by encoding the light transport matrix sparsely but accurately in the same basis. Rendering is performed by multiplying a sparse light vector by a sparse transport matrix, which is very fast. For accurate rendering, using non-linear wavelets is an order of magnitude faster than using linear spherical harmonics, the current best technique.


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