“Adventures with USD in Animation” by Nofz, Lord and Couette

  • ©Peter Nofz, François Lord, and Francois Couette




    Adventures with USD in Animation



    The workflows in animation have always been different than in a traditional VFX pipeline. Both look deceivingly similar – yet they need to address very different needs. Few companies have succeeded at building production pipes that can do both seamlessly. This is the tale of how we created an Animation Division and its pipeline inside Rodeo FX, a world-renowned VFX company, by making the award-winning short CANARY in just 8 months…and lived to tell the tale. We used Pixar’s USD in its purest form to achieve our goal – because you have to build the plane while flying it – there is just no other way. This talk will be filled with lots of animation clips and artwork.

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