“Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games I” by Tatarchuk, Ownby, Hall, Hall, Einarsson, et al. …

  • ©Natalya Tatarchuk, John Paul Ownby, Chris Hall, Robert (Rob) Hall, Per Einarsson, Sam Martin, Anton Kaplayan, Jay McKee, and Jason C. Yang



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    Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games I

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    Advances in real-time graphics research and the ever-increasing power of mainstream GPUs and consoles continue to generate an explosion of innovative algorithms for fast, interactive rendering of complex and engaging virtual worlds. Every year, the latest video games display a vast new variety of sophisticated algorithms for ground-breaking 3D rendering that pushes the visual boundaries and interactive experience of rich environments.

    This course is designed to encourage cross-pollination of knowledge for future games and other interactive applications. As the next installment in the now-established series of SIGGRAPH Courses on real-time rendering, it focuses on the best of graphics practices and research from the game-development community, and provides practical and production-proven algorithms. Course instructors include designers and producers from the makers of several award-winning games: Bungie, Naughty Dog, Crytek, DICE, AMD, Rockstar, and others. Topics include many advanced production secrets in addition to practical advice for implementing advanced techniques. Attendees will acquire several highly optimized algorithms in various areas of real-time rendering.


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