“Advanced Techniques in Real-Time Hair Rendering and Simulation” by Yuksel and Tariq

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    Advanced Techniques in Real-Time Hair Rendering and Simulation

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    Hair rendering and simulation have always been challenging tasks, especially in real-time. Due to their high computational demands, they have been vastly omitted in real-time applications and studied by a relatively small group of graphics researchers and programmers. With recent advancements in both graphics hardware and software methods, real-time hair rendering and simulation are now possible with reasonable performance and quality. However, achieving acceptable levels of performance and quality requires specific expertise and experience in real-time hair rendering. The aim of this course is to bring the accumulated knowledge in research and technology demos to real world software such as video games and other commercial or research oriented real-time applications. We begin with explaining the fundamental techniques for real-time hair rendering and then present alternative approaches along with tips and tricks to achieve better performance and/or quality. We also provide an overview of various hair simulation techniques and present implementation details of the most efficient techniques suitable for real-time applications. Moreover, we provide example source codes as a part of our lecture notes.  

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