“Advanced Issues in Level of Detail” by Luebke, Cohen, Reddy, Varshney and Watson

  • ©David P. Luebke, Jonathan (Jon) David Cohen, Martin Reddy, Amitabh Varshney, and Benjamin Watson



Entry Number: 45


    Advanced Issues in Level of Detail

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    Knowledge of the basic LOD concept and experience with interactive graphics systems. Some experience with LOD. A desire to become a sophisticated LOD user.

    LOD creation: appearance-preserving simplification, parallel LOD computation, controlled topology reduction. Alternative LOD frameworks: dynamic and view-dependent LOD, memory-coherent and out-of-core LOD. Underpinnings: classifying LOD error metrics, perceptual analysis of degradation in detail, the fidelity/ performance tradeoff, other perceptual issues.

    Level of Detail (LOD) methods have been established as crucial tools for managing scene complexity in interactive 3D graphics. This advanced course addresses current research, including LOD error metrics, appearance-preserving simplification, variable-precision rendering, controlled reduction of topology during simplification, memory-coherent simplification, and view-dependent LOD. It also explores related questions in perceptual psychology: What degradation of detail will be perceptible? What tradeoff between fidelity and frame rate is appropriate for different tasks?


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