“Advanced Image Synthesis” Chaired by James (Jim) F. Blinn

  • ©James (Jim) F. Blinn, Franklin (Frank) C. Crow, and Alvy Ray Smith




    Advanced Image Synthesis

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    This tutorial is intended to bring the attendee up to date on the most recent developments in computer image synthesis. It will concentrate on the production of realistic looking images of three dimensional scenes, emphasizing mathematical modelling techniques, lighting simulation and optimal display utilization. It will serve as useful background in understanding the papers on this subject to be presented in the conference. There will be one session in common with the tutorial on animation concerning digital painting as a method of generating data bases for texture mapping. The tutorial is aimed at programmers, researchers and graphics “progressionals” in this field and assumes some familiarity with computer graphics and three dimensional geometry. Many examples of the techniques will be illustrated via 35mm slides and 16mm movies. 

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    Mary Whitton / Maxine Brown


    Charles Babbage Institute Archives, University of Minnesota/ In the collection of Maxine Brown

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