“Advanced Illumination Techniques for GPU Volume Raycasting” by Hadwiger, Ljung, Ropinski and Rezk-Salama

  • ©Markus Hadwiger, Patric Ljung, Timo Ropinski, and Christof Rezk-Salama



Entry Number: 15


    Advanced Illumination Techniques for GPU Volume Raycasting



    Volume raycasting techniques are important for both visual arts and visualization. They allow efficient generation of visual effects and visualization of scientific data obtained by tomography or numerical simulation. Volume-rendering techniques are also effective for direct rendering of implicit surfaces used for soft-body animation and constructive solid geometry. The focus of this course is on volumetric illumination techniques that approximate physically based light transport in participating media. Such techniques include interactive implementation of soft and hard shadows, ambient occlusion, and simple Monte Carlo-based approaches to global illumination, including translucency and scattering.

    Level: Intermediate

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