“Adding Style, Folds, and Energy to the Costumes of Soul” by Kutt, Fong and Klohn

  • ©Aimei Kutt, Donald Fong, and Tiffany Klohn



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    Adding Style, Folds, and Energy to the Costumes of Soul



    The Human World of Soul takes place in a vibrant New York City, full of life, energy, and everyday people. Our character designers captured this in their expressive drawings, depicting clothing in a complex and artfully messy way. When creating costumes in CG, however, cloth TDs were accustomed to simplifying the designs to make cleaner, more graphic looks. These techniques have been established and refined on our previous films, such as Incredibles 2 and Up. On Soul, we sought to develop a different look for costumes that would support the story, style, and energy of the film.


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