“Adaptive manifolds for real-time high-dimensional filtering” by Gastal and Oliveira

  • ©Eduardo Simões Lopes Gastal and Manuel M. Oliveira




    Adaptive manifolds for real-time high-dimensional filtering



    We present a technique for performing high-dimensional filtering of images and videos in real time. Our approach produces high-quality results and accelerates filtering by computing the filter’s response at a reduced set of sampling points, and using these for interpolation at all N input pixels. We show that for a proper choice of these sampling points, the total cost of the filtering operation is linear both in N and in the dimension d of the space in which the filter operates. As such, ours is the first high-dimensional filter with such a complexity. We present formal derivations for the equations that define our filter, as well as for an algorithm to compute the sampling points. This provides a sound theoretical justification for our method and for its properties. The resulting filter is quite flexible, being capable of producing responses that approximate either standard Gaussian, bilateral, or non-local-means filters. Such flexibility also allows us to demonstrate the first hybrid Euclidean-geodesic filter that runs in a single pass. Our filter is faster and requires less memory than previous approaches, being able to process a 10-Megapixel full-color image at 50 fps on modern GPUs. We illustrate the effectiveness of our approach by performing a variety of tasks ranging from edge-aware color filtering in 5-D, noise reduction (using up to 147 dimensions), single-pass hybrid Euclidean-geodesic filtering, and detail enhancement, among others.


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