“Adaptive level-of-detail system for “End of Nations”” by Hjelstrom and Nguyen

  • ©Greg Hjelstrom and Thanh Nguyen




    Adaptive level-of-detail system for "End of Nations"



    One of many challenges in making a massive online RTS such as “End of Nations” is how to maintain a smooth framerate at all times without completely compromising on the visual quality of the game. Because “End of Nations” supports over 50 players in a battle together, there is a wide range of load on the graphics engine. Game developers have been employing many well-established Level-of-Detail (LoD) techniques when trying to solve the performance problem. We will show how we incorporated many of these existing techniques into a single over-arching LoD system that can monitor the game framerate in real-time and adapt to it to ensure a playable experience with the best possible visual quality.

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