“Acquisition and Visualization of Surface Light Fields” by Grzeszczuk, Bouguet, McMillan, Pfister, Pollefeys, et al. …

  • ©Radek Grzeszczuk, Jean-Yves Bouguet, Leonard McMillan, Hanspeter Pfister, Marc Pollefeys, Yoichi Sato, Daniel Wood, and Yizhou Yu



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    Acquisition and Visualization of Surface Light Fields

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    Basic knowledge of rendering and illumination, including reflectance models, shading, and texture mapping. Some knowledge of 3D modeling from images is helpful but not required.

    Geometry reconstruction, acquisition of light field data, recovering reflectance models from photographs, compression and synthesis of reflectance data, surface light field representations, hardware-accelerated rendering of surface light fields, surface light fields for computer games and visualization.

    Light fields parameterized on the geometry of an object offer a natural and intuitive description of complex radiance data. Unfortunately, acquisition, efficient representation, and fast rendering of surface light fields pose many problems. This course describes several practical methods for registering the radiance data of physical objects with their geometry and presents different surface light field representations that are compact and suitable for interactive rendering.


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