“A video see-through face mounted display for view sharing” by Hashimoto, Kondo, Yonemura, Iizuka, Ando, et al. …

  • ©Yuki Hashimoto, Daisuke Kondo, Tomoko Yonemura, Hiroyuki Iizuka, Hideyuki Ando, and Taro Maeda




    A video see-through face mounted display for view sharing



    If the feeling of the presence can be transferred to a different place from rather than the place where we actually exist, our life style will change drastically. By extending robot-human telexistence [1] technology to human-human situations, we are developing an environment where a skilled person, who actually exists at a different place, can work with high efficacy on the ground instead of non-skilled person. In order to realize such a telexistence environment in human interactions, we are developing remote communication technologies exploiting sensemotion sharing. In this project, we have developed a view sharing system to share first person perspectives between remote two people [2]. The system consists of a head mounted display and cameras, which make possible a video see though (VST-HMD). The user wearing the HMD can see his own view and the partner’s view, and also send his own view to the partner. Our aim is to share experience and to transmit the skills from one to another by sharing vision and motions [3]. We developed a new view sharing system to improve effectiveness and expand its applications.


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