“A simple approach to computer aided milling with interactive graphics” by Satterfield, Rodriquez and Rogers

  • ©Steven G. Satterfield, Francisco Rodriquez, and David F. Rogers




    A simple approach to computer aided milling with interactive graphics



    This paper describes CAMILL, a system for computer aided milling of ship hull models defined with interactive graphics. The major hardware components of CAMILL are a mini-computer based refresh display and a three axis numerically controlled milling machine. For hardcopy documentation there is a large flatbed plotter. The two major software components are an interactive display program and a cutting program. The interactive display program is the human interface and provides capabilities for creating and modifying the ship design. The cutting program is executed in an intelligent terminal interfaced to the milling machine. The data used by the cutting program is generated by the display program and stored on a magnetic cassete tape. This cassette is transferred to the intelligent terminal for use by the cutting program. The main function of the cutting program is to direct the milling of the desired ship hull.

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