“A retrospective (Panel): Six perennial issues in computer graphics” by Dunn

  • ©Robert (Bob) M. Dunn




    A retrospective (Panel): Six perennial issues in computer graphics



    Graphics has been an industry for more than 15 years. Some workers trace its origins almost )0 years. The dramatic gains in silicon technology along with more highly developed understanding of the mathematics of graphics have transformed the architecture of computer graphic systems and produced a bewildering array of products and services. This retrospective panel will try to put several key things in perspective. Dr. Alan Kay, recently of Atari Computer and currently an Apple Fellow, will characterize the role of graphics in the overall world of computing and information processing. Carl Machover of Machover Associates will trace the development of display technology and its employment in computer graphics systems. Dr. David Evan, Chairman of the Board of Evans and Sutherland will create the retrospective on our ability to produce realism in imagery. In turn Dr. Robert Sproull, Sutherland, Sutherland and Associates will trace the development of transformation that have found their way into silicon technology. Dr. James Foley, of George Washington University will track our progress in the technology of interaction, while Dr. Robin Forrest of the University of East Angela will trace geometric modeling and Dr. Ed Cattail, Director of Development at Lucasfilm will put our progress in animation in perspective.

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