“A relational debugging engine for the graphics pipeline” by Duca, Niski, Bilodeau, Bolitho, Chen, et al. …

  • ©Nathaniel Duca, Krzysztof Niski, Jonathan Bilodeau, Matthew Bolitho, Yuan Chen, and Jonathan (Jon) D. Cohen




    A relational debugging engine for the graphics pipeline



    We present a new, unified approach to debugging graphics software. We propose a representation of all graphics state over the course of program execution as a relational database, and produce a query-based framework for extracting, manipulating, and visualizing data from all stages of the graphics pipeline. Using an SQL-based query language, the programmer can establish functional relationships among all the data, linking OpenGL state to primitives to vertices to fragments to pixels. Based on the Chromium library, our approach requires no modification to or recompilation of the program to be debugged, and forms a superset of many existing techniques for debugging graphics software.


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