“A real-time video 2D-to-3D with the bilateral grid”

  • ©Chun-Te Wu, Wei-Hao Huang, Chih-Hao Liu, Wei-Jia Huang, Kai-Che Liu, and Ludovic J. Angot



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    A real-time video 2D-to-3D with the bilateral grid



    The new data structure, the bilateral grid, was presented by Jiawen et al. to make bilateral filter algorithm become simple implementation. Based on the data structure, the GPU CUDA-based optimization is proposed to have more efficiency in using GPU shared memory and massive multithreading. Meanwhile, a commercial application, the video 2d to 3d conversion which was presented by Ludovic et al. is also re-designed by applying the proposed CUDA-based bilateral grid three times to obtain better 3D quality in real-time. Depth map are created and modified by adjusting bilateral grid parameters.


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    Ludovic J. Angot, Wei-Jia Huang, Kai-Che Liu. 2010. A 2D to 3D video and image conversion technique based on a bilateral filter. Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 7526.Google Scholar

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