“A Comparison of Zoom-in Transition Methods for Multiscale VR” by Lee, Asente and Stuerzlinger

  • ©Jong-In Lee, Paul Asente, and Wolfgang Stuerzlinger



Entry Number: 22


    A Comparison of Zoom-in Transition Methods for Multiscale VR



    When navigating within an unfamiliar virtual environment in VR, transitions between pre-defined viewpoints are known to facilitate spatial awareness of a user. Previously, different viewpoint transition techniques had been investigated, but mainly for single-scale environments. We present a comparative study of zoom-in transition techniques, where the viewpoint of a user is being smoothly transitioned from a large level of scale (LoS) to a smaller LoS in a multiscale virtual environment (MVE) with a nested structure. We identify that orbiting first before zooming in is preferred over other alternatives when transitioning to a viewpoint at a small LoS.


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