“A coaxial optical scanner for synchronous acquisition of 3D geometry and surface reflectance” by Holroyd, Lawrence and Zickler

  • ©Michael Holroyd, Jason Lawrence, and Todd Zickler




    A coaxial optical scanner for synchronous acquisition of 3D geometry and surface reflectance



    We present a novel optical setup and processing pipeline for measuring the 3D geometry and spatially-varying surface reflectance of physical objects. Central to our design is a digital camera and a high frequency spatially-modulated light source aligned to share a common focal point and optical axis. Pairs of such devices allow capturing a sequence of images from which precise measurements of geometry and reflectance can be recovered. Our approach is enabled by two technical contributions: a new active multiview stereo algorithm and an analysis of light descattering that has important implications for image-based reflectometry. We show that the geometry measured by our scanner is accurate to within 50 microns at a resolution of roughly 200 microns and that the reflectance agrees with reference data to within 5.5%. Additionally, we present an image relighting application and show renderings that agree very well with reference images at light and view positions far from those that were initially measured.


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