“3D imaging spectroscopy for measuring hyperspectral patterns on solid objects” by Kim, Harvey, Kittle, Rushmeier, Dorsey, et al. …

  • ©Min H. Kim, Todd Alan Harvey, David S. Kittle, Holly E. Rushmeier, Julie Dorsey, Richard O. Prum, and David J. Brady




    3D imaging spectroscopy for measuring hyperspectral patterns on solid objects



    Sophisticated methods for true spectral rendering have been developed in computer graphics to produce highly accurate images. In addition to traditional applications in visualizing appearance, such methods have potential applications in many areas of scientific study. In particular, we are motivated by the application of studying avian vision and appearance. An obstacle to using graphics in this application is the lack of reliable input data. We introduce an end-to-end measurement system for capturing spectral data on 3D objects. We present the modification of a recently developed hyperspectral imager to make it suitable for acquiring such data in a wide spectral range at high spectral and spatial resolution. We capture four megapixel images, with data at each pixel from the near-ultraviolet (359 nm) to near-infrared (1,003 nm) at 12 nm spectral resolution. We fully characterize the imaging system, and document its accuracy. This imager is integrated into a 3D scanning system to enable the measurement of the diffuse spectral reflectance and fluorescence of specimens. We demonstrate the use of this measurement system in the study of the interplay between the visual capabilities and appearance of birds. We show further the use of the system in gaining insight into artifacts from geology and cultural heritage.


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