“3D human face identity transfer using deformation gradient” by Sucontphunt, Deng and Neumann

  • ©Tanasai Sucontphunt, Zhigang Deng, and Ulrich Neumann



Entry Number: 102


    3D human face identity transfer using deformation gradient



    Modeling a 3D face toward a specific person is a tedious and painstaking task even for skilled artists. Crafting a 3D cartoon-style or a 3D fiction-creature face to reflect a specific person likeness is even more challenging. For example, creating an ogre that keeps the actor/actress likeness or constructing a 3D avatar that reflects the person identity is an intensive process that involves high artistic skills to convey the human identity on the monster geometries. This work presents an automatic 3D face modeling system that transfers a target 3D human face identity (likeness) to any 3D character faces. This system can be used for a broad variety of a 3D face modeling such as an early stage 3D character face design or a individualized 3D avatars creation.


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