SIGGRAPH 1990: Panels

SIGGRAPH 1990: Panels

2022 Panels: Holderman_Privacy, Safety and Wellbeing: Solutions for the Future of AR and VR

“Privacy, Safety and Wellbeing: Solutions for the Future of AR and VR” Moderated by

1994 Panels 11 Computer Graphics for Architecture and Design Presentations - Current Work and Trends Outside the U.S

“Computer graphics for architecture and design presentations: current work and trends outside the U.S.” Moderated by Alonzo C. Addison

2015 Panels 06 SIGGRAPH The Original VR MeetUp

“SIGGRAPH: The Original VR MeetUp” Moderated by Jacquelyn (Jacki) Ford Morie and Greg Panos

2015 Panels 05 DWA TV

“DWA TV: A Feature A Week (That’s All We Ask)” Moderated by

1981 Panels 04 Panel on Standards

“Discussion on Standards: ANSI X3H3 Technical Committee on Computer Graphics” Moderated by Peter Bono

1981 Panels 02 Interactive Systems

“Interactive Systems” Moderated by Ronald (Ron) Baecker

1977 panel_ 04 Low-cost Computer Graphics

“Low-cost Computer Graphics” Moderated by

1977 panels_03 Graphics Research

“Graphics Research” Moderated by

1977 Panels_02 Status Report of The Graphic Standards Planning Committee Of ACMSIGGRAPH

“Status Report of The Graphic Standards Planning Committee Of ACM/SIGGRAPH” Moderated by Bertram Herzog and Robert (Bob) M. Dunn

1977 Panels_01 Recent Developments in Raster Scan Graphics

“Recent Developments in Raster Scan Graphics” Moderated by William Newman

1976 02 Man-Machine Interaction

“Man-Machine Interaction” Moderated by C. Meadow

1976 01 Relationship Between Graphics and Image Processing

“Relationship Between Graphics and Image Processing” Moderated by Azriel Rosenfeld

1981 Panels 01 Custom VLSI Chips for Graphics

“Custom VLSI Chips for Graphics” Moderated by

1982 Panel 03 Presidents_ Forum

“Presidents’ Forum” Moderated by Carl Machover

1982 Panel 07 The Challenge of CAD_CAM Education

“The Challenge of CAD/CAM Education” Moderated by Michel A. Melkanoff

1983 Panels 06 Japanese Computer Graphics- Challenges and Opportunities

“Japanese Computer Graphics: Challenges and Opportunities” Moderated by Laurin Herr

1983 Panels 08 Artists Interfacing with Technology- Basic Concepts of Digital Creation

“Artists Interfacing with Technology: Basic Concepts of Digital Creation” Moderated by Frank Dietrich

1984 Panel 01 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing in Japan

“Computer-Integrated Manufacturing in Japan” Moderated by Tosiyasu L. Kunii

1984 Panel 02 Computing in the Fast Lane- Super-systems for Computer Graphics

“Computing in The Fast Lane: Super-Systems for Computer Graphics” Moderated by Richard A. Weinberg

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