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    Art has a responsibility to contribute cultural and humanist dimensions to our definition of the future. Drawing on 50 years of experimentation, discover how the intersection of art and technology moves us from ephemeral performance to sustainable innovation. Accepted Art Papers are published in the Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (PACMCGIT) special issue on SIGGRAPH 2023 Art Papers.

    The SIGGRAPH 2023 Art Papers program will act as the bridge between culture and technology to rethink and explore the future of our society. It’s about questions, debate, perspectives, and solutions. We have a dream for this 50th edition — to bring art and engineering communities back together, as has been so fruitful in history with the Renaissance, the Bauhaus, and Hippie Modernism. We understand art in its broadest sense, encompassing different fields from fine art to design and architecture. Submissions exploring how computer graphics and interactive techniques — especially those linked to recent developments in AI, machine learning, robotics, the metaverse, AR, and blockchain — relate to societal and environmental questions are particularly encouraged. Submissions by members of underrepresented groups are especially welcome. We would like you to engage in the Renaissance of the 21st century!

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