“Zenith Object Detector (ZOD): A multi-camera 3D body scanning platform” by Collins, Gigantino and Wigner

  • ©Daniel (Dan) Collins, Josh Gigantino, and Aubrey Wigner



    Zenith Object Detector (ZOD): A multi-camera 3D body scanning platform



    This project introduces a procedure for creating 3D full body scans utilizing a low-cost commodity-based infra-red(IR) sensor and multiple consumer grade cameras. The project, entitled The Zenith Object Detector, uses a home built series of concentric octagons to mount both Asus Xtion structured IR light sensors with color capture capacity, as well as the 16-28 digital cameras for instantaneous image capture. Subjects are scanned in via the Xtions by standing on a rotating platform while the octagons move up from the floor. Simultaneously, the cameras will capture the pose for later 3D reconstruction using 123D Catch, a free Autodesk service for turning images into 3D objects. The outputs will be sent to 3D printers to produce portrait pieces.


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