“You Were There” by Schweitzer

  • ©Dino Schweitzer

  • ©Dino Schweitzer


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    You Were There




    This demonstration of automatic identification and data capture technologies and applications is essentially a “people tracker.” It captures location information on individuals as they move through SIGGRAPH 2000 Emerging Technologies.

    As they leave the program space, users can view their individual paths, information on other people who are now or have been in the space, and general traffic-pattern information for Emerging Technologies. Interactive viewing is available on a kiosk similar to a “You Are Here” map, except that it traces individual paths, so it becomes a “You Were There” map.

    Visualization of the overall traffic pattern data and of an individual person’s movement are accomplished through both 2D and 3D graphic applications that analyze volume and flow changes over time, patterns of specific demographic groups, and more. In this way, the technology demonstrates useful applications for traffic-flow planning and real-time traffic adjustments, but it also raises some key privacy issues, because information is captured without the users’ knowledge or permission.

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