“X-SectionScope: Cross-Section Projection in Light Field Clone Image” by Furuyama, Matsubayashi, Makino and Shinoda

  • ©Yoshikazu Furuyama, Atsushi Matsubayashi, Yasutoshi Makino, and Hiroyuki Shinoda


Entry Number: 22


    X-SectionScope: Cross-Section Projection in Light Field Clone Image



    In this paper, we propose a novel interactive 3D information visualizing display that superimposes a cross-sectional image in an aerial volumetric image of an object. Figure 2 shows a system configuration. A user can see internal images of the object, such like an X-ray image, by inserting a semi-transparent handheld screen in a cloned floating image. We use two Micro Mirror Array Plates (MMAPs) to reproduce a Light Field Clone (LFC) image. The MMAP (Aerial Imaging Plate, ASUKANET. Co., Ltd.) was designed for reconstructing aerial images in midair based on double reflections. The LFC image is a reconstructed floating 3D image which can be seen without wearing any glasses. In the HaptoClone system [Makino et al. 2015], they proposed the use of two MMAPs to reproduce LFC image of the object. By contrast, we use additional two general mirrors in the proposed system. With this configuration, the realistic LFC image appears next to the object keeping the facing direction same. Users can see both the real object and its cloned image at the same time.

    When a semi-transparent screen is inserted into the LFC image, the system projects the cross-sectional image of the object on the screen. We use a silk screen, a fine meshed-fiber screen, as the projection screen, which was used in the previous study [Furuyama et al. 2015], for superimposing 2D image without disturbing a 3D image. The position and posture of the screen are estimated by capturing optical markers attached on each corner of the screen. A user can slice the realistic LFC image with the handheld screen. Reconstructed floating 3D image gives a cue where to insert the screen to find a particular point.


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