“VR Model to Explore Archaeological Sites in a Non-destructive Way” by Borba, Cabral, Lopes, Knorich-Zuffo and Kopper

  • ©Eduardo Zilles Borba, Marcio Calixto Cabral, Roseli de Deus Lopes, Marcelo Knorich-Zuffo, and Regis Kopper



    VR Model to Explore Archaeological Sites in a Non-destructive Way



    This work presents a fully immersive virtual environment that simulates the Brazilian archaeological site of Itapeva, in Sao Paulo. To create a virtual model relevant for archaeological research it was developed a 3D realistic experience. All the data from the physical space were collected with technological equipments (laser scanner and image-based modeling). To provide an immersive feeling when exploring the virtual reality the user was allowed to visualize the aesthetics elements through a head-mounted display and to navigate using 3D input devices. Through a sophisticated simulation the illusion of presence in the archaeological site was stimulated in the user who could explore its landscapes in a non-destructive way.

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