“Visualization of Earth and Space Science Data” by Green

  • ©William B. Green

  • ©William B. Green


    Daily demonstrations of several interactive JPL systems for processing and visualization of science data returned by instruments flown on spacecraft in earth orbit and on solar system exploration missions:

    1. The Science Analysis Graphics Environment (SAGE)
      A graphical interface used to control processing of imaging and other science data returned by the Pathfinder solar system exploration mission in 1997, providing stereoscopic mission planning tools for supporting rover navigation on the surface of Mars.
    2. VISTASAn interactive tool for query and retrieval of earth- observation data acquired by the TOVS sensor.
    3. A working prototype of software that will be used to process data returned by the Atmospheric Infra-Red Sounder (AIRS) to be flown as part of NASA’s Mission to Planet Earth.
    4. Animation and “fly-by” systems to explore Mars, Jupiter, and Venus.
    5. Internet-accessible image database browsers and navigators that provide public access to space mission image archives.
    6.  Other current work focusing on processing of operational data.


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