“The Apple Science CD-ROM Browser” by Chen and Wolff

  • ©Michael Chen and Robert Sherman Wolff




    The Apple Science CD-ROM Browser

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    The Apple Science CD-ROM contains powerful public domain software and data on the Macintosh for 2D and 3D scientific data visualization: NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) Image, NCSA DataScope, NCSA PalEdit, NCSA Layout, NIH (National Institute of Health) Image, and Mathematica from Wolfram Research, Inc. The data on the CD cover topics such as astrophysics, chemistry, earth science, fluid dynamics, image processing, material science, mathematics, medicine, meteorology, planetary science, volume visualization, and 3D rotation interfaces.

    A Hypertext image browser (implemented using SuperCard on the Macintosh) serves as an image and animation catalogue, and as a user interface to view the data. Many user interface and hypertext navigational issues were encountered during the production of the CD.

    The images and animations of the CD-Rom will provide SIGGRAPH attendees some idea of the potentials of scientific visualization and simulations on personal computers today. The image browsers provide a novel environment for cataloging images as well as an easy to use interface for accessing the images.

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