“The Algorithmic Revolution in the Visual Arts” by Mitchell and Verostko

  • ©Bonnie L. Mitchell and Roman Verostko



    The Algorithmic Revolution in the Visual Arts

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    From Computer Graphics' Past to the Future


    As computers became more accessible to artists in the 1970’s and 1980’s some artists began to experiment with algorithmic procedure. The new technology offered them methods of working algorithmically that were unavailable before the advent of computers. By the 1980’s a number of artists were working with the pen plotter, a machine with a “drawing arm”. Algorists like Roman Verostko, Harold Cohen, Manfred Mohr, and Jean Pierre Hebert had invented algorithmic procedures for generating their art and the plotter served as a means to inscribe their ideas onto paper in a physical form. This exhibit showcases a video of Roman Verostko’s pen plotter acting as a scribe to produce a work of art as well as other artifacts and information about this early transformative period in the history of art.

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