“Synaptic Time Tunnel” by Novak, Wakefield, Ji, Manoudaki, Paterakis, et al. …

  • ©Marcos Novak, Graham Wakefield, Haru (Hyunkyung) Ji, Nefeli Manoudaki, Iason Paterakis, Diarmid Flatley, Ryan Millett, Kon Hyong (Kenny) Kim, Gustavo Rincon, Weihao Qiu, Pau Rosello-Diaz, Alan Macy, and JoAnn Kuchera-Morin


    The is a major interactive installation for SIGGRAPH 2023, celebrating the 50th conference of this most famous of computer graphics conference series.

    Imagining the past, present, and future of the SIGGRAPH archive as a dense evolving network of artificial neurons, dendrites, and synapses, and likening the spread of ideas to branching neural signals firing across countless synaptic connections, flashing like lightning, this interactive, performative, and data-driven work traverses the landmark developments of an ever-emerging, ever-expanding field, tracing the propagation of influences and innovations across time, extrapolating from the past fifty years to the future fifty.

    Fusing past (five decades of SIGGRAPH archival materials), present (live interactivity, generativity, and performance), and future (AI/ML extrapolations of the past fifty years into the next fifty), this project explores synaptic interconnections between pioneering individuals, landmark ideas, technical innovations, breakthrough projects, and visionary artworks that carried the computer graphics revolution from the edge of research through the mainstream of global culture and on into the restless invention of the future.

    This project is a collaboration between the UCSB transLAB, AlloSphere, the Alice Lab at York University, SBCAST (Santa Barbara Center for Art Science and Technology), ACM SIGGRAPH Archive team, and Biopac Systems Inc.

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