“SIGGRAPH Publications: 50 Years of Innovation and Creativity” by Mitchell

  • ©Bonnie L. Mitchell



    SIGGRAPH Publications: 50 Years of Innovation and Creativity

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    50 Years at a Glance


    Throughout the 50 years of SIGGRAPH conferences, the organization has produced hundreds of publications that range from Technical Paper Proceedings, Art Show Catalogs, Visual Proceedings, Electronic Art and Animation Catalogs, Abstracts and Applications, to Computer Graphics Quarterlies and more. This display showcases 50 years of covers from the Proceedings and as well as publications that contained information about the Art Show, Animation Festival and Electronic Theater.

    Special thanks to Mary Whitton for the scanning of the Proceedings, Pete Segal for scanning the rest of the publications and cleaning them up, and thanks to Elaheh Afroozan and Bonnie Mitchell for their image processing work.

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