“SecondSight: Demonstrating Cross-device AR Interaction” by Reichherzer, Fraser and Billinghurst

  • ©Carolin Reichherzer, Jack Fraser, and Mark Nathan Billinghurst


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    SecondSight: Demonstrating Cross-device AR Interaction

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    Immersive Interaction - New Modalities



    SecondSight is a framework for rapid prototyping of cross-device interfaces that combine an optical see-through Augmented Reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD) with a smartphone. SecondSight contains code for simulating AR HMDs with different Fields of View (FOV), providing gesture and head pointing input, and allowing virtual content to be placed in different coordinate frames. Overall, this gives AR researchers flexibility to explore different types of cross-device interfaces and interaction techniques with different types of display, input, and content placement.


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©Carolin Reichherzer, Jack Fraser, and Mark Nathan Billinghurst ©Carolin Reichherzer, Jack Fraser, and Mark Nathan Billinghurst

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