“San Francisco Rush” by Petty

  • ©Cameron Petty

  • ©Cameron Petty


Entry Number: 23


    San Francisco Rush

Program Title:

    Digital Bayou



Project Affiliation:

    Atari, Inc.


    Relying upon a proprietary, real-time, 3D rendering engine, San Francisco Rush runs a four- point, physically correct driving model descended from the award-winning Hard Drivin’ model. The model has been refined in police simulators over the past several years, and now, with the introduction of new hardware, Atari Games Corporation unveils a completely new experience in driving simulation. Push your driving skills to the limit as you race the clock and up to seven competitors through the streets of San Francisco.

    The game offers a choice of eight different high-end, production sports cars, ranging from the Acura NSX to the Saleen SR Mustang. Each player chooses a car, a race course (beginner, intermediate, expert), and type of transmission (manual or automatic). The steering wheel provides force feedback through a patented motor assembly tied directly into the car model, which allows the player to actually feel every bump in the road and every counter-force as the car skids around corners.

    In addition to the main controls, a series of secondary controls improves the flexibility and playability of the experience. A “CD changer” button allows the player to choose among four different styles of soundtrack or none at all. Three view buttons control where the player views the action from: the driver’s seat, overhead as if from a helicopter, or in front of the car as if a camera is strapped to the bumper. An abort button helps the player out of dire situations.

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