“Recompose – Direct and Gestural Interaction with an Actuated Surface” by Leithinger, Lakatos, DeVincenzi and Blackshaw

  • ©Daniel Leithinger, Dávid Lakatos, Anthony DeVincenzi, and Matthew Blackshaw

  • ©Daniel Leithinger, Dávid Lakatos, Anthony DeVincenzi, and Matthew Blackshaw


Entry Number: 13


    Recompose – Direct and Gestural Interaction with an Actuated Surface



    We present Recompose, a new system for manipulation of an actuated surface. By collectively utilizing the body as a tool for direct manipulation alongside gestural input for functional manipulation, we show how a user is afforded unprecedented control over an actuated surface. Our invention consists of the actuated surface and the interaction technique utilizing free-hand and touch gestures to manipulate the 3D geometry of the pin array, thus changing the of shape of the virtual object.

    Previous related work has utilized physical materials as a direct interface for CAD modeling. The physical material in these projects is modified by the user’s hands, but cannot be programmatically changed. We propose to combine previous work in tangible CAD modeling and actuated tangible interfaces to overcome this limitation.

    We believe that the combination of direct manipulation, I/O coincidence, an instantaneous feedback loop, and gestural input is a largely unexplored research area. Recompose explores this area, through a system, which leverages the strengths of these interaction techniques.


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