“Physical Rendering with a Digital Airbrush” by Shilkrot, Maes and Zoran

  • ©Roy Shilkrot, Pattie Maes, and Amit Raphael Zoran


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    Physical Rendering with a Digital Airbrush



    Airbrush painting is an expressive art form that allows for unrepeatable spray patterns and unique ink staining. Artists utilize these properties while painting, expressing subjective style and artistic intentions. We present an augmented airbrush device that acts both as a physical spraying device and an intelligent digital guiding tool, that maintains both manual and computerized control. We demonstrate our custom designed hardware and numerous algorithms that control it through hands-on usage examples of a human-computer collaborative of a physical painting effort.


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©Roy Shilkrot, Pattie Maes, and Amit Raphael Zoran ©Roy Shilkrot, Pattie Maes, and Amit Raphael Zoran


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