“Novel Infrared Touch-Screen Technology and Associated Artwork” by Simpson

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    Novel Infrared Touch-Screen Technology and Associated Artwork




    Digital video imagery is rear-projected onto a translucent screen. A camera sensitive to the near infrared is also positioned on the opposite side of the projection screen. On the near side is positioned an array of infrared illuminators which flood the screen from oblique angles. Standing on the near side of the projection surface, participants touch the screen in order to interact. Because they stand between the illuminators and the screen they cast infrared shadows, one for each illuminator. These shadows converge on the projection screen creating dark infrared areas detectable by the camera. Using a previously computed calibration, the computer samples the camera image, de-warping and filtering it in order to extract where the participants are touching the screen. Unlike many other touch screen technologies, this system permits obtaining an image of how the participants are touching the screen as opposed to merely finding a contact point.

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