“MyCorporisFabrica: Making Anatomy Easy” by Bauer, Ulliana, Dicko, Gilles, Palombi, et al. …

  • ©Armelle Bauer, Federico Ulliana, Ali-Hamadi Dicko, Benjamin Gilles, Olivier Palombi, and François Faure



    MyCorporisFabrica: Making Anatomy Easy



    Characters with precise internal anatomy are important in film and visual effects, as well as in medical applications. However, setting up detailed anatomical models has been a difficult task, especially for simulation. We demonstrate MyCorporisFabrica [MyCF ], the first assistant tool for modeling and simulating anatomical structures such as bones, muscles, viscera and fat tissues. Using a novel ontology-centered knowledge base, it helps selecting anatomical entities based on their type or their contribution to physiological functions. The resulting 3D model can be automatically transferred to an arbitrary humanoid character in a similar pose, only defined by its skin. This allows to quickly generate anatomical models for a large range of target characters, while maintaining anatomical consistency. Finally, the knowledge base also contains mechanical data used to set up a choice of mechanical models of the selected entities, which we export to a simulator. This dramatically eases biomechanical modeling and makes it possible for non-expert users to enter that field. We demonstrate this technology and detail a practical example.


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