“MediaWorks Project” by Pea, Allen, Boyle, Chertok, Godreau III, et al. …

  • ©Roy D. Pea, Christina Allen, Ed Boyle, Michael Chertok, Enrique Godreau III, and Neils Einar Veirum




    MediaWorks Project

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    Scientists and futurists alike have observed the advent of “multimedia literacy” – based on images and interactive programs – as a 1ikely direction of substantial societal change. They highlight rapid changes in communication technologies and the convergence of publishing, television, telephone, and computing technologies. 0ptical media and fast graphics on high-resolution screens, coupled with changes in human-computer interaction, have made such developments accessible to non-computer professionals, and even to children. The Brown University Intermedia System demonstrates an educationally-viable set of hypermedia tools for instructors and college students. The availability of these technologies makes hypermedia for K-12 realistic and timely. MediaWorks is a computer software tool that allows younger students to engage in multimedia composing. While working with MediaWorks, students research, analyze, and synthesize a wide array of multimedia information in an unlimited number of domains. While composing with this tool, students help define what such literacies might become, and provide concrete examples of visions for future precollege education. The MediaWorks project is supported in part by Apple Computer, Inc. at the Institute for Research on
    Learning, a non-profit organization.

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