“MagneLayer: Force Field Fabrication for Rapid Prototyping of Haptic Interactions” by Yasu

  • ©Kentaro Yasu

  • ©Kentaro Yasu

  • ©Kentaro Yasu

  • ©Kentaro Yasu



    MagneLayer: Force Field Fabrication for Rapid Prototyping of Haptic Interactions



    Magnets are very useful for the rapid prototyping of haptic interactions. However, it is difficult to arrange fine and complex magnetic fields rapidly. This project presents a method for fabricating complex geometric magnetic patterns by overlaying magnetic rubber sheets. By layering multiple magnetic sheets that have proper thicknesses and simple magnetic patterns, various types of magnetic lattice patterns can be generated on the top surface. Furthermore, the superposed magnetic fields can be changed dynamically by rotating the layered magnetic sheets. We demonstrate several tactile interactions by applying the superposed magnetic fields.


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