“MAGES 3.0: Tying the Knot of Medical VR” by Papagiannakis, Zikas, Lydatakis, Kateros, Geronikolakis, et al. …

  • ©George Papagiannakis, Paul Zikas, Nick Lydatakis, Steve Kateros, Efstratios Geronikolakis, Manos Kamarianakis, Ioanna Kartsonaki, and Giannis Evangelou


Entry Number: 06


    MAGES 3.0: Tying the Knot of Medical VR

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    Exploring Reality



    In this work, we present MAGES 3.0, a novel Virtual Reality (VR)-based authoring SDK platform for accelerated surgical training and assessment. The MAGES Software Development Kit (SDK) allows code-free prototyping of any VR psychomotor simulation of medical operations by medical professionals, who urgently need a tool to solve the issue of outdated medical training. Our platform encapsulates the following novel algorithmic techniques: a) collaborative networking layer with Geometric Algebra (GA) interpolation engine b) supervised machine learning analytics module for real-time recommendations and user profiling c) GA deformable cutting and tearing algorithm d) on-the-go configurable soft body simulation for deformable surfaces.

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