“Lensless Stereo Microscopic Imaging” by Zimmerman and Smith

  • ©Thomas G. Zimmerman and Barton A. Smith

  • ©Thomas G. Zimmerman and Barton A. Smith


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    Lensless Stereo Microscopic Imaging




    A simple inexpensive high-contrast stereo microscopic is constructed from a single video imager sensor. Two field- synchronous LEDs illuminate the subject creating disparity. The stereo microscope outputs standard field-sequential 3D video and is compatible with commercial head mounted displays and LCD shutter glasses.

    The microscope has no lens, no focus, a large depth of field and no distortion between the stereo channels, reducing depth calculation to a single one-dimensional sliding correlation per object.

    The easy-to-use microscope provides students and teachers with a fast and convenient way to share images of microorganisms. The microscope is compact and robust, well suited for remote sensing. The focus-free low-cost design makes it practical for a computer to continuously monitor and manage an array of microscopes for high-throughput biological experiments and research.

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©Thomas G. Zimmerman and Barton A. Smith ©Thomas G. Zimmerman and Barton A. Smith ©Thomas G. Zimmerman and Barton A. Smith ©Thomas G. Zimmerman and Barton A. Smith ©Thomas G. Zimmerman and Barton A. Smith


    The authors would like to thank Eugene Delenia of IBM Research for providing the optical microscope image of rotifer and Reed Mariculture (Campbell, CA) for providing rotifer and copepods for our research. The lensless stereo microscope is patent pending.


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