“Khronos Projector” by Cassinelli and Ishikawa

  • ©Alvaro Cassinelli and Masatoshi Ishikawa


Entry Number: 10


    Khronos Projector


Project Affiliation:

    The University of Tokyo


    The Khronos Projector is an interactive art installation that allows people to visualize movie content in an entirely new way. By actually touching and deforming the Khronos projection screen, the user can send portions of the projected image forward or backward in time.

    When we view a still image or a motionless sculpture, we are free to direct our sight wherever we want over the entire work, perhaps only subliminally compelled by the compositional forces the author has instilled in it. This is barely possible when we view a movie, because we are forced to adopt a unique point of view both in space and time.

    Thanks to the Khronos Projector, space and time can be unlinked in a pre-recorded movie. Causality becomes relative to the spatial path we decide to follow on the screen, which allows for multiple interpretations of the pre-recorded facts. In this sense, the Khronos Projector is an exploratory interface that transforms a movie sequence into a spatio-temporal sculpture for people to explore at their own pace.


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