“InterSpace Station” by Rothfarb

  • ©Robert J. Rothfarb



    InterSpace Station

Program Title:

    SIGKids Community Outreach



    InterSpace Station is a networked 3D virtual world environment that provides a shared laboratory. Students are able to conduct science experiments, interact with each other, and participate in unique presentations about astronomy, physics, and life aboard an orbiting space station. The InterSpace 3D multi-user virtual world client/server software platform from NTT allows users, as avatars, to navigate digital spaces and communicate with each other using real-time audio, facial image video, and text. Students and teachers participate from SIGGRAPH 98 and two remote sites, one in the San Francisco Bay area and one in Japan. Visitors may also participate via the Internet. NTT plans to collaborate with educators and SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters to allow students to participate in this unique interactive distance-learning environment. 

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