“International Resources: Women in CG” by Morales Laines, Nam, Peixoto, Kim, Bagli, et al. …

  • ©Laura Morales Laines, Hye Yeon Nam, Aruquia Peixoto, June Kim, Kader Bagli, Diana Arellano, Marjaana Auanen, and Leah Buechley



    International Resources: Women in CG


    During the last 3 years of a global pandemic, we have learned to adapt, to grow and most importantly to create: develop and be part of stories and worlds through the most recent tech and work in teams -despite the distance-. What did these strange times leave us and how can we use these learnings for newer times? In what ways as women in CG we feel challenged yet excited for this new time of mobility and new normal? These and other questions will be tackled in our special session “Women in CG”. Come and join us to connect and share experiences!

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